Only having 6 acres of land keeps us from having our herd of cows and raising our own calves, so we do what we can on our small patch of land.  Our horse and cattle operations go hand in hand - we use the cattle to train our horses and the horses to work / castrate / vaccinate our calves.

We began feeding calves in the summer of 2007 with a half dozen dairy-cross calves.  Since then, we have steadily increased our numbers and quality.  We currently try to keep 20 - 30 head of calves on feed and sell about 100 head of 500 - 600 lb. feeder calves each year.  We prefer to buy calves around 300 lbs but seem to routinely buy calves in the 150 lb. range, too.  They take a little more TLC but have done really well for us the past few years.  Since we are not raising our calves, we have calves from a variety of breeds and genetic herds, but strive to have as many high quality black hided calves as possible, with a few dark red crosses, shorthorns and belties thrown in for variety.  Below are some pictures of the calves we have fed over the past five years. 
Our calves are hand fed twice a day and have free access to grass hay and pasture.  Each group is bunk wormed with Safeguard, poured with Ivomec and vaccinated with Express 5 and Vision 7 (twice).

21 head 2012 Calves - available for sale March / April  2013 (500 - 600 lbs), pictured fall 2012. 


Late Summer 2011 Calves 


Fall 2011 Calves (averaged about 200 lbs)

Same Group, January 2012 (left) and the small ones we kept for the summer in June.

Spring 2011 - we get a few good red ones times to time. . .

Fall 2011 Calves getting ready to be worked - summer 2011 calves learning to come in off pasture for grain.

Best way ever to make a bull into a steer - stretched out between two GOOD horses.


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