Dash A Pepi 
Pepi PASB x Dartliera (x Gondolier)

1991 Purebred Bay Polish Arabian Mare * 14.0 Hands 

Dash is the best of working Polish Arabian Breeding and a traditionally built Polish mare - stout with good leg, hoof, and hip!  Her sire (Pepi PASB) is a proven sire of reining horses, especially when crossed on *Gondolier daughters!!

Dash was bred to Doc Freckles at the age of 16 and foaled her first baby, Dash A Dusty Freckles 399 days later.  He was a tiny fellow but a cutey, he will be a little slow coming along but hopefully she got the pregnancy thing figured out.  She only carried Rein (2010) 365 days and she is a little bigger.  Looking forward to another nice baby. 

Halter photos July 2007.


Dash's two babies - Dash a Dusty Freckles (left) and Rein N Freckles (right), (2008 and 2010).
Dash & Dusty (10 days), July 23, 2010                            -                     Dash & Rein (12 days), May 22, 2010

During the summer of 2009, Anna (12) gave Dash a shot as her riding horse and they have gotten along great. 
Dash has been back out on the trails and riding the gravel roads with Anna all summer.  Looking forward to the future with these two!

Anna & Dash, The Natural Gait, August 2009

   Anna & Dash - Shimek Forest, August 2011 (below left) at 20 years of age.


        Dash A Pepi
1991 Purebred Polish Arabian Mare




Witraz x Ofir

Canaria x Tripolis


Czort x Wielki Szlem

Penza x Fahr x Trypolis




Palas x Aswan x Nazeer

Gonagra x Negatiw 
(out of Comet daughter)


Dardir x Nabor
(out of  Darda x Amurath Sahib )

Tryfolia x Negatiw
(out of Trypolis daughter)

Click on her Foal's name to link to their page:   Dash a Dusty Freckles  *  Rein N Freckles


                                    Flash MA (3/4 Silbing)                                   Pepiliero (full sibling in blood)

Five Generation Pictorial Pedigree & Pedigree Notes

Pepi PASB - Dash A Pepi's Sire

Celebes - sire of Pepi

Pemba - dam of Pepi

Gondolier - sire of Dash of Pepi's dam, Dartaliera

Witraz - sire of Celebes

Czort - sire of Pemba

Palas - sire of Gondolier

Dardir - sire of Dartia

Sire of Witraz & Wielki Szlem

Wielki Szlem


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