Our Favorite Links

Reed Tack
Nick & Sue of Reed Tack in Washington, Iowa have made 2 custom saddles for us, a 16" - 58 Wade in 2007 & a 15.5" Weatherly in 2008.  Thanks!!
Check out their new & updated website, recently re-designed by North Pine Farm!

La Raita Ranch * Kip & Missy Fladland
Kip & Missy recently moved to southwestern Iowa after several years in Montana .  Kip also worked and traveled with Buck Brannaman for 5 years.  
I have ridden in a couple clinics with Kip and he has started a filly for a friend of mine.  Highly recommended for both!

Kelli Paulsen - Mid States Ranch Horses LLC
Kelli put some time on Sandy and Marshmallow in the summer of 2009.  
She also worked with Alice when she went to pick them up and we couldn't be happier with what came home.  
Kelli is located about a half hour north of Omaha, Ne.

Windrush Hill Farm (Ann Bennett)
Ann started a couple colts for me (Spirit, 2006 & Rudy, 2007), and has been a great help getting my babies going in her groundwork clinics.  
She offers clinics in the spring, lessons and general support!  
You'll find her busy with clinics (Buck Brannaman, Jeff Griffith, Harry Whitney, Bob King; dressage & reining!)

Jeff Griffith Horsemanship
Jeff has been a great help getting my confidence back and getting some of my babies started riding.  
Thanks so much, keep an eye on his website for more AQHA videos!!

Bob King Cowboy School & Ranch Roping Clinics
Bob King is the best ranch roping instructor many of us have ever seen!  He can break down each loop into a format we can all understand! 
Bob conducts Cowboy Schools in Arizona in the winter &Wyoming in the summer, and travels the US conducing horsemanship & ranch roping clinics as well.  We are lucky enough to have Bob in SE Iowa in May & October!.

Patrick King Colt Starting & Horsemanship Clinics
Patrick and his wife, Nicole, purchased Jig O Lena & Lenas Freckled Beau from us in January 2008.  Look for them on the east side of the nation. 
He has a great way of working with a horse.  If you are are out east & looking for a good clinic or person to help you, drop him a line.

Brent Graef Horsemanship
Rode with Brent in Ames in July and look forward to future clinics with Brent.  He also braided me a bosal for getting Rudy into the hackamore!

Jon Ensign Horsemanship
Jon has accompanied Jeff to several of his clinics at Kirkwood Community College, which is where I met him.  
Jon is very quiet and has a great way with a young horse.  
He has been know to take a few back to Montana for a few months of riding and real work, too!

Iowa Ranch Horse Association
I am on the board of directors for this organization so my heart is in it!  
Take a look, great place to play with cattle and enjoy a day with good horse people!!

Sage Horsemanship & Sage Saddlery
Bob is in touch with the Vaquero horseman - all the tack you could want and some things you didn't think off.  
Lots of articles and help with roping & horsemanship, too.

Buck Brannaman

American Paint Horse Association

North Central Reined CowHorse Association

Midwest Reined CowHorse Association

North Central Reining Horse Association

American Quarter Horse Association

National Reined CowHorse Association (NRCHA)

National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA)

National Reining Horse Association (NRHA)