Leaving the Crowd Behind: The Best Fish Oil Capsules for Performance

Athletic performance is a nebulous arena. It’s never quite clear what your ultimate goal should be. At least this is the impression I get from my trainer, who is an expert.

It’s even worse when products are constantly trying to sell themselves to you as the one answer to your performance problems. Can i Buy Testogen at GNC

Frequently all these supplements create is a problem for my wallet. So, how can we find the best fish oil capsules for performance? Is there a magic ingredient which is going to give you extra muscle gain or that aerobic edge?

Surprisingly, almost all fish oil capsules out there are going to give you that special ingredient to keep you in the zone: omega-3. Unfortunately the majority of fish oil on the market is going to give you a lot of other stuff as well that you may not like. Ironically, it’s not taking more of the good stuff that’s going to give you the edge over opponents, but getting rid of the bad.

You can be sure that your competition is taking omega-3 in large quantities. They may not be aware that frequently this comes with a heaping helping of mercury or lead, or toxic levels of vitamins A and D in the case of cod liver oil.

Peak Ideas

Keep in mind your ultimate outcome. You want your cardiovascular system to be operating at its absolute peak, or at a level appropriate to the period of training you are currently in. I know from my cycling experience that I don’t always want to be shooting for the ultimate performance, but the appropriate performance according to a coach’s plan. I found that, depending on my diet of fish, I usually need to take about 2 grams of fish oil per day, and that the best fish oil is usually the one with the purest source: a species of fish low on the food chain.

Luckily the shelf is full of fish oil options, but many of them contain species known to be loaded with toxins. These toxins not only slowly poison you for the duration of your life, but also decrease the performance of your lungs and liver. A pure source is essential for pure aerobic and anaerobic performance.

So, there’s no magic ingredient, but there are lots of magic “non-ingredients.” Check out the American Heart Association for information directly related to the proper dosage for cardiovascular health. There is definitely the possibility of too much of a good thing in this case, and the last thing an athlete wants is to be at risk for all the warning associated with too much fish oil. One thing is certain: the person in first place knows exactly what’s going into his or her body and has made a commitment to maintain that knowledge.

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